4 de maio de 2023

Explain it to me like I’m 5 What’s the difference between NLP and NLU

At the very least,you need that experienced wordsmith to review and polish any machine-generated content. Because even the best AI can’t write in your style and take into account all your brand specifics. Using NLU and Deep Learning, we crawl hundreds of thousands of sources on the Internet for our customers on a specific topic. This specific slice of the internet contains all publicly available content, conversations and media around your business, […]
24 de abril de 2023

lablab-ai redis-langchain-ecommerce-chatbot: In this tutorial, we will build an e-commerce chatbot that can query Amazon product embeddings using Redis and generate nice responses with Langchain Our chatbot will take user input, find relevant products, and present the information in a friendly and detailed manner.

It’s designed to send product recommendations and other valuable information like the local store hours to the user. Roof is a chatbot for the real estate […]
18 de janeiro de 2023

Automation in Banking and Finance

And, perhaps most crucially, the client will be at the center of the transformation. The ordinary banking customer now expects more, more quickly, and better results. […]
13 de outubro de 2022

AI Engine: The AI Plugin for WordPress

In other terms, chatbots are simple computer programs that respond to your queries with a simple single-line solution. Chatra is a chatbot plugin that will act […]